Go On The Offensive With Reprotection

Overturning Roe v. Wade was just the beginning. It’s time to take the fight straight to the abortion industry.

Shut Down Abortion Facilities With Your Donation:

  • Hold unscrupulous abortion providers responsible for medical violations
  • Monitor states with abortion bans so they uphold them
  • Report abortion facilities to health departments
  • Ensure abortion laws on the books are enforced properly
  • Demand abortion facilities meet HIPAA, OSHA, and other business requirements

Help us continue the fight to shut down every abortion business and make our nation abortion-free!

One Case Study

A young lady visited Venice Women’s Health Center in Florida. She was given anesthesia, and the abortion procedure started, but she began to have trouble breathing.

The 87-year-old physician refused to address it, despite her pleading. She panicked, picked herself up off the table, and ran outside, screaming, “Call 911!”

Thankfully, a pro-life sidewalk advocate was there to help and called 911 for her. But afterward, they didn’t know how to hold the physician accountable.

The sidewalk advocate called Reprotection for help. We did the research, located every regulation broken, drafted the complaints, and found who should receive the report.

The medical board skirted their responsibility, but we took it all the way up to the Governor’s office and kept the pressure on for one year. When the medical board finally opened an investigation and notified the physician, he retired the next day.

His abortion business is still closed, thanks to Reprotection.